Key Features

Explore Mapbox plugin for WordPress with a wide range of features. Treweler plugin has many features that let you create stunning maps to match your specific WordPress project.

Extended Store Locator

Powerful marker locator with filters and detailed location descriptions

Filters & Filtering

Achieve your desired search results by creating custom field-based filters


Marker Importer

Import markers and their associated data from Google Sheets

Map Styles

Customize your map style to suit your requirements and purposes


Map Layers Visibility

Display only the map layers essential to your specific needs

Marker Styles

Create attractive map markers that match your unique style

Marker Popups

Maximize the impact of your markers through popup customization

Interactive Tours

Maximize user engagement with interactive map tours

Routes Drawing

Help users get to their destination using the routes drawing tool

Countries & Regions Boundaries

Efficiently showcase country or regional data using Treweler boundaries

Simple Store Locator

Use the store locator to display markers by distance to user’s position

Shapes & Drawing Tools

Utilize drawing tools to highlight objects or data on the map

Marker Template Builder

Use templates to create multiple markers with the same styles

Custom Fields Builder

Expand your marker information with custom fields builder

Marker Image Gallery

Activate the photo galleries to describe marked places in more detail

Information Widgets

Add widgets with interesting facts and important statistics

Marker & Route Categories

Assign categories to group and efficient data display

Marker Clustering

Set marker clustering for clear and undistracted map exploration

Custom Markers

Upload your own graphic files as custom markers

GPX Routes Import

Use GPX file data in place of manual drawing routes

Marker Text Labels

Customize marker text labels to improve map readability

User Geolocation

Automatic or manual determination of the user’s geolocation

Map Preloader

Add a custom progress preloader with image and text information

Titles & Logo

Add title, description and logo to make your maps unique

Initial Center & Zoom Level

Set the initial center and zoom level before customizing the map

Map Zoom Range

Restrict the zoom range of the map to hide unnecessary details

Pitch & Bearing

Change the initial pitch and bearing of your map

Restrict Map Panning

Restrict map panning to coordinates or completely disable it

Standard Map Controls

Enable and position the standard Mapbox map controls

Map Language

Сhanging the language of text labels on maps

Display World Copies

Displaying a single world or multiple copies of the world

Map Overlay Color

Customize the base map by adding a personalized overlay color

Popup Opening Settings

Customize the opening and visibility of marker popups

Map Shortcode

Use a shortcode to place your map exactly where you need it

Mapbox Attribution

Manage the display of the required Mapbox logo and text attribution

Fullscreen Maps

Optimize your web project’s influence with a fullscreen map

3D Maps & Buildings

Design visually impactful maps using 3D Elements

Map Projections

Discover the perfect map projection to highlight the advantages of your custom map

Adding Markers & Routes to Multiple Maps

Avoid duplication by adding markers and routes to multiple maps

Simple Maps Duplication

Using the same map with different initial point and zoom settings

Mapbox Integration

Fully integrated and compatible with WordPress and Mapbox platforms

You’re a few clicks away
from discovering the joy of mapping