Map Examples

Check out our map examples that are customizable with our plugin’s features. Discover new ideas for your own local or world map and add them to your WordPress project.

Everest South Col Route

One of the most popular Everest routes with camps and popular locations.

The Largest Cities In Italy

Explore the map with the 28 largest cities in Italy grouped by their population.

New York Interactive Tour

Explore the virtual tour builder that allows users to switch between markers.

Piva Lake Interactive Guide

The interactive guide to the artificial lake in the northwest part of Montenegro.

Austria Store Locator

The Austria Store Locator that displays map markers within the user’s vicinity.

Disentis Village Map

The skiing and summer tourism resort high up in the Rhine valley.

Shapes & Drawing Tools

An example of using shapes and drawing tools and their settings.

Visited Countries Map

Explore how to create your own interactive map of visited countries.

Utah County Households

Choropleth map of Utah state, showing the number of counties’ households.

United States Counties

Map of the United States showing all counties and their names.

Europe Countries Population & Gross Domestic Product

Choropleth maps of Europe, showing countries’ population and gross domestic product.

USA States Population

Choropleth map of the United States, showing states’ population.

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