Map Styles Collection

Explore premade styles and get inspired to make yours

When it comes to custom map styles, they are a powerful tool that breathe life into your ideas. As far as this feature goes, the plugin already includes several built-in map styles. You can easily choose a style that you like or the one that suits your project goals. To make things easier, we have also prepared several custom styles. Just copy them to your Mapbox account and apply to your project. Also, it’s possible to add your own custom map styles created in the Mapbox Studio style editor or copied from other sources.

Treweler Custom Styles


Arctic Snowstorm Mapbox Map Style
Arctic Snowstorm
Treweler Outdoor Hike Mapbox Map Style
Outdoor Hike
Treweler Dark Mapbox Map Style
Treweler Dark
Treweler Light Mapbox Map Style
Treweler Light
Treweler Ultra Light Mapbox Map Style
Treweler Ultra Light
Treweler Ultra Dark Mapbox Map Style
Treweler Ultra Dark

Mapbox Map Styles

Built-in Mapbox map styles can match with almost any type of project and user interface. Treweler lets you choose any of these styles to suit your preference. Whether you like more precise street details or a crisp satellite overview of the area, a light day-time map, or a dark night-time version, you can easily switch to your preferred style in just one click. The following Mapbox map style examples will help you instantly enhance a corporate website or your personal blog with the eye-catching visuals of accurate and well-designed web mapping solutions.

Mapbox Base Styles


Streets Mapbox Map Style
Outdoor Mapbox Map Style
Streets Light Mapbox Map Style
Streets Light
Streets Dark Mapbox Map Style
Streets Dark
Satellite Mapbox Map Style
Satellite Streets Mapbox Map Style
Satellite Streets
Navigations Preview Day Mapbox Map Style
Navigations Preview Day
Navigations Preview Night Mapbox Map Style
Navigations Preview Night
Navigations Guidance Night Mapbox Map Style
Navigations Guidance Night
Navigations Guidance Day Mapbox Map Style
Navigations Guidance Day

Mapbox Studio Styles

Use Mapbox Studio to create a custom map style to fit your brand image. Be as creative as you like in designing a web map that’s all your own. From our side, Treweler plugin fully supports the custom map styles created in Mapbox Studio. Just copy your Mapbox style link into the plug-in settings and you can see the changes immediately in your project. Here are just some of the map styles which are added to Mapbox Studio that you can use as a basis for your creative ideas. Get inspired and see how far you can go with what’s possible to make using this powerful web mapping tool.

Mapbox Studio Premade Styles


Basic Mapbox Map Style
Chilled Mapbox Map Style
Galaxy Mapbox Map Style
Overcast Mapbox Map Style
Seashore Mapbox Map Style
Spring Mapbox Map Style
Monochrome Sky Mapbox Map Style
Monochrome Sky
Monochrome Bubblegum Mapbox Map Style
Monochrome Bubblegum
Monochrome Midnight Mapbox Map Style
Monochrome Midnight
Monochrome Golden Mapbox Map Style
Monochrome Golden

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