Treweler Changelog

Stay informed about the plugin’s journey. Discover exciting features, enhancements, bug fixes, and optimizations that elevate your user experience and take functionality to new heights.

28 February, 2024

Version 1.15.3

Minor fixes and improvements.

14 February, 2024

Version 1.15.2

Mapbox GL JS 3.1.2 version support.

Atmosphere style issue for custom map styles.
Minor fixes and improvements.

04 January, 2024

Version 1.15

Mapbox GL JS 3.0.1 version support.
Zoom by gesture setting for maps added using shortcode.

Height of fullscreen maps on mobile devices.
Minor fixes and improvements.

25 October, 2023

Version 1.14

Import markers from Google spreadsheets.
New Mapbox Standard map style with 3D environment.
Day, Dusk, Dawn and Night light presets for the Mapbox Standard style.
Ability to hide layers for classic and Standard map styles.
Audio player shortcode for the “Custom HTML” custom field.
Imperial, metric and nautical units for the distance scale control.

Minor fixes and improvements.

10 October, 2023

Version 1.13.28

Minor fixes and improvements.

30 September, 2023

Version 1.13.27

Geolocation control style.
Option to close the locator sidebar by default.
Position of the locator sidebar on the right.
Style of the open locator sidebar button.
New “Nautical Chart” custom map style.

Displaying non-latin characters.
Minor fixes and improvements.

18 July, 2023

Version 1.13.22

Extended marker locator with a marker sidebar.
Custom filters and filtering.
New custom field types (title, button, line, number, true/false, multi-select, custom HTML, categories).
Marker offset on click.
Custom CSS classes for maps.
Popup close icon.
Center map on click.
User geolocation marker.
Marker at the click point on the map.
Opening a link when clicking on a marker.
Additional custom fields settings (text align, text style, margins).
Other minor changes and improvements.

Standard Mapbox map styles.
Tour control styles.

Opening links in the same window for maps inserted with a shortcode.

Heading, subheading, description, and button for the popup and template settings (replaced with custom fields).
Popup content align (replaced with custom fields settings).

01 October, 2022

Version 1.12

3D projection of the globe.
Map projections support.
Center a marker on a click.

Primary font for all plugin elements.

Opening links in a new tab for region boundaries.

18 August, 2022

Version 1.11

Country and region boundaries.
Ability to embed a single map with different initial point and initial zoom level settings.
Disable map panning or restrict it to an area.
Display a single world or multiple copies of the world on a map.
Customizable overlay color with opacity above the map.
Mapbox GL JS 2.9.1 version support.

The issue with the validation of restricted Mapbox tokens.
Page title encoding for different languages.

10 May, 2022

Version 1.10

Shapes & Drawing Tools.
Mapbox GL JS 2.8.2 version support.

The “Settings” link issue on the WordPress “Plugins” page.

11 March, 2022

Version 1.09

Map Store Locator.
Ability to add a route to multiple maps.

Bootstrap conflict for some WordPress themes.
GPX file uploader conflict with the Revolution Slider plugin.
Map clustering stops working when the marker text label field is empty.

15 February, 2022

Version 1.08

Mapbox GL JS 2.7 version support.
Ability to add a marker to multiple maps.

WordPress user roles issue.
Blurring map elements, for maps inserted using a shortcode.
Changing the logo size after adding widgets.

27 January, 2022

Version 1.07

Errors in marker settings when using templates.
Displaying the logo of the map and preloader.

24 January, 2022

Version 1.06

Marker templates.

Minor code fixes and improvements.

29 December, 2021

Version 1.05

The “Additional CSS” field for adding custom CSS code.
Position settings for map controls.
New “Geolocation” control to manually obtain the user’s current location.
The ability automatically obtain the user’s current location at the initial map loading.
Manually adding and removing custom fields on the marker settings page.
Default values for custom fields.

Plugin main settings page layout.
Map controls settings moved to the “Controls” tab on the map setting page.

Scrolling pages issue in the “Salient” theme.
Icons preview issue for the icon-pickers.

16 December, 2021

Version 1.04

Custom fields builder.

Lightbox gallery issue with a single image.

02 December, 2021

Version 1.03

Lightbox image gallery for markers.
Link settings for the map logo.
Mapbox GL JS 2.6.1 version support.

The active tab is not reset after clicking on the “Publish” or “Update” buttons in the admin panel.
Plugin icon in the WordPress admin menu.
The minimum width of the container for the widget text description.

404 error issue for maps embedded via shortcode.
Displaying markers on the map if they belong to more than one category.
Translation of text placeholders for the category drop-down list.
Z-index for the category drop-down list.
Right-margin issue for the widget text descriptions.

18 November, 2021

Version 1.02

Google Material icons for “Dot” and “Balloon” markers.

Custom marker settings moved to the “Marker Styles” settings group.
The layout of settings for “Balloon” markers.
Color-pickers and icon-pickers now open upwards.

Flickering of halo when hovering over “Point” markers.

09 November, 2021

Version 1.01

Overlapping of elements with clusters.
Minor code fixes and improvements.

09 November, 2021

Version 1.00

Initial Release.

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