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Concepts & Solutions

Explore our map examples and discover new ideas for your own map

Sometimes we run out of great ideas to make something great. This is how our demos can help. Check out our demo maps that are customizable with our plugin’s features. Make a stunning local or world map and add it to your project.

Key Features & Examples

Powerful features as your true accomplice throughout your mapping journey

Mapbox Integration

Fully integrated and compatible with Mapbox platform

Map Styles

Customize your map style to suit your requirements

Marker Styles

Create attractive map markers that match your style

Marker Popups

Enable and customize marker popups for more impact

Interactive Tours

Use interactive map tours to fully engage your users

Routes Drawing

Help users get to their destination using the routes drawing tool

Countries & Regions Boundaries

Display country or regional data efficiently with Treweler boundaries

Store Locator

Use the store locator to display markers by distance to user’s position

Shapes & Drawing Tools

Highlight objects or data on the map using Drawing Tools

Marker Template Builder

Use templates to create multiple markers in one style

Custom Fields Builder

Expand your marker information with custom fields builder

Marker Image Gallery

Activate the photo galleries to describe marked places in more detail

The combination of plugin functionality and Mapbox maps customization provides limitless possibilities when creating a way to describe the world around us.

Client Testimonials

Map Styles Collection

When it comes to map styles, they are a powerful tool that breathe life into your creative ideas. To make things easier, we have included built-in map styles as well as prepared several custom styles that can be copied to your Mapbox account.

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