Extended Store Locator

Powerful marker locator with filters and detailed location descriptions

Map Styles

Treweler Light

by Treweler

The Extended Marker Locator is an enhanced version of the Simple Store Locator, providing additional functionalities such as the option to browse through a comprehensive list of markers, access detailed information about each marker, and utilize customizable filters within the map sidebar.

Along with the capability to automatically or manually determine user geolocation and filter markers by distance and categories, there is the flexibility to include any number of filters in the map sidebar based on the created custom fields and their values.

There is the option to customize whether a detailed description opens upon clicking a marker or completely disable the detailed description and filtering functionality.

Additionally, you have complete control over the number and order of custom fields in the list and detailed description of markers. This customization can be easily configured within the marker template as well as separately for each marker.

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