Countries & Regions Boundaries

Efficiently showcase country or regional data using Treweler boundaries

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Treweler Light

by Treweler

Treweler Boundaries offers a comprehensive collection of country and region boundary data, featuring varying degrees of accuracy. These boundary datasets can be seamlessly integrated with base maps, allowing you to overlay them and incorporate other plugin elements for enhanced functionality.

This feature allows you to build and customize any combination of countries or regions, as well as change their style or add interactivity for each data polygon.

The plugin includes countries boundaries presets (Entire World, by Continents, by United Nations regions, by World Bank Regions, by Subregions, and any Custom Combination) as well as regions boundaries (admin 01 and admin 02) for the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, USA.

Using the plugin settings you can choose one of five levels of boundary accuracy, change polygon fill color and opacity settings (initial state, hover state, selected state, custom state), control polygon stroke styles, and add action on click (none, open link) and hover (none, popup with region name, popup with region name and custom value).

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