Map Styles

Customize your map style to suit your requirements and purposes

Map Styles

Treweler Light

by Treweler


Outdoor Hike

by Treweler


Treweler Dark

by Treweler


Arctic Snowstorm

by Treweler

Create your ideal map with ease by utilizing either the pre-designed map styles or unleashing your creativity with Mapbox Studio to craft visually stunning and customized styles.

Here are different ways to add style to your map:

1. Choose from the plugin’s built-in map styles. Simply select a style from the provided list in the plugin settings and apply it to your map.

2. Utilize Mapbox Studio to create your own custom map style. Copy the unique map style link from Mapbox Studio and paste it into the plugin settings to apply your customized style to the map.

3. Access free custom map styles from third-party sources. Download these styles to your Mapbox account and then apply them to your map by copying the unique map style link into the plugin settings.

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