Map Shortcode

Use a shortcode to place your map exactly where you need it

Map Styles

Outdoor Hike

by Treweler

Be strategic with the presentation of your content and place your customized map in the best position in your web page. Just copy a map shortcode and paste it on to appear precisely where you want the map should be placed.

Customize the width and height of the map by changing the Shortcode settings. Disable Scroll Zoom and make your map full width in just one click. You can also specify custom values for the initial point and zoom of the map in the shortcode settings.

For your convenience, here is an example of a custom map embedded in a WordPress page using a shortcode. In shortcode settings the map is set to “fullwidth”, at a map height of 620 pixels and a map width of 90%. You can also disable the zoom action in the shortcode settings so that the zoom level doesn’t change when you scroll over the map with the mouse.

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