Interactive Tours

Maximize user engagement with interactive map tours

Map Styles

Arctic Snowstorm

by Treweler

Experience the full functionality of the tour by clicking on the arrow located in the upper right corner of the demo map.

By utilizing the virtual tour builder’s features, which enable users to seamlessly switch between markers and areas, you can enhance the navigation experience on the world map, making it both interesting and informative.

Within the tour settings, you have the freedom to select between two animation options: Jump or Fly. With each movement you define between markers, you have full control over the flight speed, flight curve, zoom level, pitch, and bearing, allowing for a tailored and immersive experience. Also, you have the capability to enable or disable the display of popups when focusing on a marker during the tour or enhance the tour’s structure by assigning numerical labels to the markers.

You have the flexibility to customize the location of the tour controls on the map by selecting from four available positions. Additionally, for precise marker positioning, you can adjust their offset by choosing any of the four available directions.

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