Map Projections

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Map Styles

California Crayola

by Treweler


Coast Crystal

by Treweler

A map projection is a way of fitting the curved surface of the planet onto a flat page or screen. It artificially flattens the planet’s three-dimensional surface to give you a bird’s eye view of large areas.

Projections always distort the size, shape, and orientation of features somewhat, so there are many different types of map projections. Some projections are better suited for specific purposes than others.

Different industries have different data needs, therefore Treweler supports a range of map projections: Globe, Equal Earth, Albers, Web Mercato, Lambert conformal conic, Winkel tripel, Natural Earth, and Equirectangular.

On this page you can see an example of two different projections, used for different reasons: Globe and Albers.

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