Pitch & Bearing

Change the initial pitch and bearing of your map

Map Styles

Coast Crystal

by Treweler

You can change the pitch (the angle towards the horizon) to set it between 0 and 80 degrees. You can also select the bearing to choose which compass direction on the map is “up”. For example, “bearing: 90” orients the map so that east is up.

Use the plugin settings to select the initial pitch and bearing of your map and set the pitch range. You can also set to allow or prohibit the user from changing the pitch and bearing when using the map.

On the demo map on this page, the initial pitch of the map is 40.00, and the bearing is -50.00. The pitch is limited to a range between 10.00 to 60.00. You can change the pitch and bearing by rotating the map with the right mouse button, or a combination of CTRL + left mouse button.

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